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Been wanting to have that Korean glow?
Visit Glam Essence and experience our Korean BB Glow Treatment with a HUGE discount and free Signature Facial. Get that glow for only Php1400 (save 400). ❤️
Advantages of our Korean BB Glow:
1. The BB serum is free from parabens,fragrances, alcohol and allergens.
2. Painless and no downtime treatment
3. Does not clog pores
4. Does not rub off
5. Does not transfer to other surfaces
6. No swellings after the treatment
7. Does not require a tedious after care and maintenance
8. One to two sessions will make the product stay for about two months already
9. Semi-permanent bb foundation effect
10. Comes with Signature Facial Care
Benefits of Korean BB Glow:
1. Speeds up growth of new skin cells and production of collagen
2. Makes your skin look brighter and more radiant
3. Lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
4. Reduces the appearance of freckles and melasma
5. Hydrates your skin for a soft gloss effect
6. Smoothens skin and texture
7. Softens and minimizes the pores
8. Whitens, brightens and give that plump dewy skin effect
9. Works best with skin pigmentations to improve skin tone
10. Promotes skin tightening and firmness
You may walk-in but securing your slot in advance is always a better idea! We’re open from 11am to 8pm.
Book a treatment now to experience this yourself! 🌿


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