Lanimie’s Wellness Spa & Salon

Lanimie’s Wellness Spa & Salon

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Lanimie’s Wellness Spa & Salon

Treatments typically offered include massages; facials, warts removal, manicures and pedicures; paraffin, hair services; like cutting, rebonding, coloring & styling.
What are you waiting for? Feel relaxed and enjoy the sensation of a spa at Lanimie’s! 🍃
Be pampered, be relaxed!
Don’t risk your health by settling for less! Lanimie’s wellness policy has always had a strong focus on quality, hygiene, and safety 😷
Pay for what you deserve! YOU deserve Lanimie’s ❤️ your one stop relax shop in town 🍃
Book on us now with our expert and well-trained male and female massage therapist. We serve a quality massage service with a quality massage therapist.


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Lanimie’s Wellness Spa & Salon 0 reviews

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