SEABLISS Wellness Spa

SEABLISS Wellness Spa

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SEABLISS Wellness Spa

Your secret hideaway to unwind, indulge and recharge.


Premium Tidal wave (Combi Massage, 80mins) - 1,200pesos

Our best seller is Tsunami (Sensual Massage, 80mins) - 1,350pesos (Exclusive for MEN only)

Tsunami massage + Body Scrub (95mins) - 1,600pesos

The Kraken, our newest more intense sensual massage (75mins) - 1,600pesos

We also have body scrub with massage (80mins) - 1,250pesos

Ventosa with massage (80mins) - 1,400pesos

Oceanic warm stone / Hot Stone massage (60mins) - 1,200pesos

SEABLISS Aqua Haven: Wet area only (4 hours) - 700pesos

Book on us now with our expert and well-trained male and female massage therapist. We serve a quality massage service with a quality massage therapist.


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