Yeshua Home Massage

Yeshua Home Massage

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Yeshua Home Massage

Yeshua Spa provide a world class spa experience we do our best to ensure that you relax and enjoy that you will want to share the experience with others.


� 1 hr and 30 mins full body massage
Combination of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai massage. 500

� Ventosa with massage 800

� Body scrub with massage 800

� Aromatic massage with Young Living essential oil- 700

� Cupping therapy with massage 700

� Deep tissue massage/Dry Massage/ P800

� Mandara Massage/ Twin Massage
1000 only

We Charge Transpo Fee Depend on your Location!

Book on us now with our expert and well-trained male and female massage therapist. We serve a quality massage service with a quality massage therapist.


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